Taos area designers of clothing, accessories, footwear, jewelry, etc. An event is to transpire on Sunday, April 26th, 2015 at Taos Mesa Brewing: “Chaos and Costume. The Cotillion”. For those with the skills and an interest in expressing their vision of the “West” (of myth and reality) show us what you can do!
A panel of impartial advisors will be viewing submissions for inclusion. Find out more at mesacotillion on FB or @ mesacotillion.wordpress.com. Submissions by April, 1st 2015.
Send info/pics/questions to show contact info or call Mark Kemper.
A business is being developed from this. Get involved.


A Visitor. With a sound track like this only much, much better!

First some ambiance:

Instilling A sense Of Atmosphere:
Picture in your mind, if you will , this image; Off a ways in the distance a motorcyclist can be seen, a mere motion at first, a speck on the horizon. Fast moving. The low throaty rumble, and all that, reaches you next.
Soon, cresting a small rise the biker becomes visible through the high desert haze. Now he’s ten feet from you. Now five. Now he stops, drops the kickstand (a puff of dust rises as the steel support contacts the ruddy gray-brown earth). His near familiar grayish white hair stands out from a high, noble forehead in a tousled wave giving testament to his passage, his journey.
The face tanned, reddened from the wind generated by his transit across the plains seems familiar. The mountains , the deserts, the plains and rivers of this great planet are reflected in his demeanor. His mustache, a near life form in itself curls up and back, molded too, by wind and time. A continent of experience shows in his smile as he lifts mirrored sunglasses and fires up a fine cigar.
“Good Afternoon, Mister Twain” is all that comes to your mind at first, then maybe “What brings you to this century , sir?” “A Motorcycle I do believe they‘re called these days.” Laughter ensues as you walk together to a meager stand of stunted pinions. The trees barely eking out a living in the high desert dryness of Northern New Mexico, like so many of the denizens of that challenging region.. The two of you take your ease in the shade where you’re have trouble deciding if the proffered “…sip a’ brandy?” is a real good idea to accept at this point in time.
Mr. Twain (with Mr. Clemons riding postillion motor off in search of that obnoxious guy that’s always hanging out at the Taos Inn wearing a black wide brim Stetson. They all have a party to make plan for. A Cotillion to work on .
And that’s a little bit of what this whole thing is about. There’s more.

Further exposition to follow, anon.

Chaos and Costume: The Cotillion. !

  ~~Press for the proper ATMOSPHERE~~

I don’t know yet if this is going to happen but…

The following is a concept presentation regarding an event proposed to occur at Taos Mesa Brewing. All proposed entertainments and activities would be developed and organized by the petitioner: Mark K. Kemper dba “Rockin’ MK Design” a newly forming enterprise of Taos area artists, designers and crafts folk.
The aforementioned petitioner shall develop and provide sponsorship for such advertisement and promotion that is required beyond that provided by Taos Mesa Brewing.
The proposed event is as follows:

“Chaos and Costume; The Spring Cotillion“:
A clever confection consisting of costumed characters, capriciously capering, cavorting, continuously creating convivial conversation: Carrying on.
All that amidst a celebratory cabaret atmosphere of life, light and fabulous frivolity.

Beats mixed over/under assorted Victorian era sounds; harpsichord music, minuets, string quartets, etc.
Live music in the manner of the Victorian era.
“Funked Up” music influenced by the music of the Victorian times.
“Pre-Neo-Post-Modern-Western”. Yes, at last our very own “ism”!
Additional Entertainments:
A presentation of Victorian influenced , “Steam-Punk” and “Pre-Neo-Post- Modern-Western” styles.
A costume contest for the best, and worst, dressed.
A competition of poetry and stories composed in a Victorian/Romantic fashion.
A “Steam-Punk”, “Pre-Neo-Post- Modern-Western” influenced art show.
A brief melodrama in keeping with the spirit of the day, perhaps.Beverages and foods reminiscent of the times could well be on offer, from the Brewery Kitchen, enhancing the timeless nature of the “Cotillion”.

The raison d’etre for “Chaos and Costume: The Spring Cotillion”:
The Cotillion will be a kick-off to a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign is to develop funding for a Taos, NM based clothing and design company. The current working title for the parent company is:
An imprinted sportswear collection is also under development: “Del Norte Imprint”.
The company’s clothing and accessories will be designed and constructed in and around Taos, NM.
Our intention is to provide an outlet not only for Taos area artists/designers but to provide employment opportunities involving the production of garments, leather crafts, jewelry, imprinted clothing etc. Longer-term plans include fabrics, furniture, home accessories and other objets d’art de art and on down the road custom motor scooters!
A percentage of all profits would be directed to socially conscious organizations, both local and global.

Keep an eye i=on this site for further deatils such as; “what the HELL is Pr-Neo-Poat-Modern-Westernism” and why is it always in italics??